Is my home suitable?

The 2 main reasons that would prevent us successfully installing 

The most common reasons that we are unable to install is due to:

- Limited space to install the ice bath

- Electrical Capacity Issue

We required 1,400 Watts of spare capacity. This is about the same as another 1PK/HP Air Conditioning Unit. Please contact the villa owner or electricity company if you are unsure.

Do I need to add ice?

No. All ice baths are provided with a chilling unit which can maintain cold water.

How cold does can it get?

The icebath is able to operate at a minimum operating temperature of 4 degrees.

Where can I put my ice bath? 

The icebath and chilling machine is fit for both indoors and outdoors.

If your preferred location is outdoors then ideally the chilling machine should be covered from direct sunlight and rainwater to ensure that it continues to run as efficiently as possible. 

If your preferred location is indoors, then please be aware that the chilling machine does need a minimum of 2 metres of free air flow for the fan. This means that the chilling machine is not suitable in an enclosed space like a small confined room. 

How long does it take to reach temperature?

It takes less than 5 hours for room temperature water to its minimum temperature. After this, the chilling unit turns on and off intermittently to maintain the water at the selected temperature.

Do I need to change the water?

You should not need to change the water. 

Attached to each chilling unit is a 10 micron filter which should catch a lot of hairs and general dirt. We also provide a weekly cleaning service to make sure your bath water is always crystal clear.

Whats the electricity cost to run an ice bath?

It costs roughly $1 in electricity costs to keep the ice bath at 6 degrees celsius. The electricity cost can go up or down depending on the temperature set and the amount of use the bath gets in any given day.

Whats the deposit for?

We ask for a 10 million refundable deposit to cover the cost of bath production and should anything happen to the bath or chilling unit that is outside the normal usage.