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Hand crafted from sustainablely sourced wood from the forests of Java, Indonesia the Barrel uses insulated fiberglass in order to ensure that energy transfer is kept to a minimum.

The Barrel is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors in both commercial and residential locations.


Insulated fiberglass interior with hand crafted sustainably sourced wood on the exterior.

Whats included

1 x HP/PK Chilling Unit, that filters and cools the water to 4 degrees C.

1 x Thermal Insulation Cover

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  • Temperature control

    Studies show that optimum cold immersion benefits are achieved at temperatures of 10ÂșC or less. Select your desired temperature from as low as 4 degrees and experiment how your body and mental state react to different temperatures.

  • Insulated fiberglass

    All barrels have been crafted using sustainably sourced wood from Java, Indonesia.

    The interior of the bath has a polished fiberglass finish.

  • Energy efficient

    Our ice baths are made with protective insulation to keep the temperature inside the bath stable throughout your ice bath session. The protective cover is made of a strong, durable material and acts as a shield that prevents damage to the bathtub.

  • Self cleaning

    UV light sanitation is a new technology that allows for the sterilization of a variety of surfaces, including our ice baths.This technology, combined with our powerful 5-micron filter, produces super-clean water that you can soak in with complete peace of mind.




Max diameter:


Weight (empty / in use):

60kg / 450kg

Maximum volume:

550 litres

Seat height:


Electricity usage:

1,200 watts

  • For over a year we have tested different designs and experimented with various materials and species of wood to produce a finished product that provides near perfect energy insulation and zero condensation.

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